I cant remmber the name of cheasy comedy film

i dont remmber the name of the movie but let me describe it to u guys
its about couple after cheating of husband they separated and the kids go camping or something and the husband goes to his father’s house in his hometown but the woman goes there too and see him in a dinner or bar and they decide to play a game. they write couple of things they want to do on papers and the other part cant refuse to do it
in one the scene they have 3some with another guy but his father catches them
in another scene they get high and she puts on a uniform from where she worked when she was young and shaves his balls. and at the end when every things goes well she finds some girl number in his pants
i dont the name but its from some time between 2010 to 2020 but i thinks its after 2015 and the actor a little looks like charie sheen and the actress is milf
pls if u know the name tell me