Name of Film PLEASE: man rescues wife and child from evil

Please help. I only remember the last 15-20 minutes of film.

A man speaks with a woman. The impression I always have is that this man is conversing with a nemesis, a villain. He runs down a hill (I think) and through a neighborhood, in slow motion. The scenes are surreal, maybe black-and-white.
He enters his home, finds his wife at a piano. She is oblivious to him. A light covers her. He tries to touch her: the light causes him pain, it’s acts like a barrier.
The other woman (the villain, I think) talks to him. The impression I always have is that she tries to discourage him, make him give up. (This is just her role, but she was effective at it)
The man perseveres and saves his wife. His child is in a similar situation, covered in a light that acts like a barrier or a prison. Child is in distress: both man and wife rush and save him. (Love conquers adversity in these scenes).
As man saves wife and child, the piano or something in the room is casting rays of light at the woman (villain-esque character), causing her distress, causing her to disappear.
Film ends with the feeling that all is well again.
It’s driving me nuts I can’t find the name of this film; please help!

details: film is set in the 20th century, actors spoke English.

context: I saw the last 20 minutes of the film, on cable, in the 1980s, in Los Angeles county, California.

1-6-2022 10:52 PM