Name of old film please


I saw part of it.

Content of film: a man, a woman, a child, another woman.

Roles as suggested by scenes in film:
Role of man: father, husband.
Role of woman: mother, wife.
Role of child: child.
Role of other woman: film suggests that she is an adversary or a test. I don’t remember anything specific of her, but she was not bad looking.

Events: a dialogue, a test / trial scene, conclusion.

Event 1: man speaks to adversary or adversary speaks to man.
Event 2: man rescues wife + child.
Event 3: adversary is gone, all is well.

Content of scenes:

The scenes seem familiar, from the 80s, possibly pre-80s.
The trial / test scene is located in a house; house scenes contains a piano or an organ.

Description of actors:

Man: reminds me very vaguely of Michael Landon or Gil Gerard. He’s not Landon or Gerard; I checked their filmographies.

Woman / wife: not enough details to go on. She’s not bad looking, I can’t tell you anything specific; my memory of her face is vague.

Child: generic child, possibly blond or brown-haired. Older than 3 years, younger than 12 years.

Other woman / adversary reminds me very vaguely of Princess Ardala in Buck Rogers in the 25th century, but she is more serious, committed to her role as the film’s designated “adversary.”

Description of scenes:

Bleak. Color seems to have left the world.

Trial / test: man approaches woman at piano (or organ). She plays the piano (or organ). The scene suggests she is in a trance, a mental prison, a psychic prison, or a spiritual prison; she is unaware or perhaps, vaguely aware of him; she seems forlorn, sad. The use of strong lighting, possibly an overhead light or special effects, to suggest that the woman is in a prison of some kind.

Trying to touch woman on her arms or shoulders seems to trigger her prison. It causes him visible distress and possibly pain. The best comparison I can find for this is a “force field,” a common science fiction “barrier” employed in TV shows, such as Star Trek.

Woman / adversary may be speaking in this scene. What she said: I don’t remember. The man does liberate his wife from her “prison.” He liberates his child, too.

Woman / adversary exhibits a villain’s “distress” and she vanishes.

Description of adversary vanishing:

Specific, peculiar. Rays of light seem to shine at the adversary. Their source seem to be a piano or an organ or some location in the room.

Final scene:

All is well, adversary is gone, color seems to return to the world.

Context: viewed on cable between 1985 and 1994 in Los Angeles County, California, USA.