Shot in the dark as I only remember the ending

This is probably a shot in the dark as I most vividly remember the ending of the movie and the way it was shot.

I think it was a casual romance movie where two neighbors fell in love. The main character was the woman. What I most vividly remember is the way the ending was shot. They might have moved in together. Either way the ending was them making out/laying/cuddling (?) on a mattress on the ground where the camera would turn around them and piece by piece the empty appartement started to come more alive with furniture. The new apartment was very bright and perhaps decorated with a lot of white. Compared to how I remember the previous house of the woman having cozy and green coloured vibes.

Thank you for reading. If you know a movie that ends like that please let me know as I feel less accurate on the other details I shared. When I watched the movie I remember thinking “On the ground? Really? Not interested in buying a bed?”