The obscure nostalgic clips I remember playing on a public tv at a Turkish train station

Hey guys!
I’d truly appreciate any help I can get in finding this movie, and my knowledge of it is very limited because I only remember 2 clips of it when I was a teen.

This movie seemed do be western, like a classic action adventure, but it may have been dubbed when I saw it, or it just had subtitles, because I saw it as a kid in Turkey.

So I’ll break this down into 2 scenes (because that’s all I really know)

So there’s a man who drives his car into a body of water, the scene is dimly lit so it’s safe to assume it’s night… I believe his intentions were to drown himself, but another man dives into the water and brings him up, saving him.I got the impression that these two men had very significant roles in the movie, perhaps they were the two main characters. Both men were European if I remember correctly, most likely brunette too.

I think maybe they were some sort of a mission? Not at all sure about that though. I’m not even 100% sure it was a movie and not a series, but I have the impression it was a movie.

The second scene involves one of these men with a possible love interest. A woman who is slightly tanned and has dark hair, shoulder length maybe, and I vividly remember her yellow dress. She is talking to the man, and she’s wearing a garter on her leg.

I feel a bit weird saying that considering I don’t remember much else but I wasn’t fully able to watch the whole thing because it was playing on a public tv, the ones you have in waiting rooms and stuff. I know this is a bit of an odd request, but ever since I was young it’s etched the back of my mind: “what was that movie?” Sort of like a weird passing impressionable moment in my life. Finding the name of this movie would mean a lot…

The details I mentioned might not all be correct, memories get hazy after all, but I’m pretty sure about the yellow dress and sinking car…

Any suggestions would be really appreciated!


The woman in the yellow dress could be Rebecca Ferguson in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.