10-15yr old horror movie

I am looking for a new school horror movie filmed as a documentary by the ex of boyfriend of a couple. This man has a mental issue going on due to trauma from his mother dying at a young age. This group films him on his journey to that childhood home and when they get their things take a turn.

going to bullet point a few things

This son of the mom who died knew where things in the house was even though he had never been their due to him dreaming about it.

they find a ritual circle under a rug in the living room and use it. When they do the pregnant girlfriend feels the baby inside in pain so she lets go.

the mom (ghost) latches on to someone and shit gets real

police come and interview and who they think they are talking to is a living clone of the son.

one guy gets his tongue ripped out and gets shot at a gas station/mini mart

they find out at the end the person who they thought was the son is a clone and the real one is dead.

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