$10 Bounty: Dinosaur Fantasy/Adventure movie (or show)

For years, I’ve been trying to figure out the name of a show or movie that I caught a glimpse of on TV once when I was a kid, in either the late 90’s or early 2000’s. It seemed like some kind of fantasy-adventure or sword-and-sorcery genre involving dinosaurs (or at least, monsters that look a heck of a lot like dinosaurs).

Here are two scenes from it, as I remember them:

Scene 1: A group of pirates or brigands with flintlock weapons is in a jungle and under attack by a large pterosaur. While running for cover in some bushes, they drop a large, glowing gemstone out in the open. The group’s leader demands that his underling go out and get the gem, even though the pterosaur is still around, and the underling in turn threatens the low man on the totem pole with his pistol to get it instead. The unlucky peeon runs out to get the gem and is grabbed and picked up by the pterosaur.

Scene 2: An African American mage is inside a stone temple and a velociraptor-like creature is attempting to get in through a portal. The mage fights the raptor to prevent it from getting in.

Taking into account reasonable margins for memory error (i.e. maybe they were dragons and not dinosaurs, or the group in Scene 1 has modern guns, not flintlock), I distinctly remember these two scenes.

Unless I’m mistaken, the series or movies that these scenes are NOT from are:
-Dinotopia (miniseries or show)
-Land of the Lost (70’s or 90’s)
-The Lost World (1992 movie)
-Return to the Lost World (1992 movie)
-The Lost World (1999 TV show)
-The Lost World (2001 movie)
-Adventures in Dinosaur City
-Earthsea (2004 miniseries)

One possible candidate I haven’t had a chance to look into yet is Beastmaster (1999 TV show),
But if anyone knows this movie or show by these two scenes specifically, that would be best.

Final note: I remember the portal in the temple being CG, and I would describe the “feel” of what I saw as something like if Turok were a live-action TV show with the production value of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.


I actually found it! Episode 2 from the TV series Tarzan: The Epic Adventures:

Thank you for the suggestion though, Fish.

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Could it be Dungeons & Dragons (2000)?
Dragons, Sword & Sorcery, Green gem stone, African American Mage