$10 Bounty: Help find this movie from my childhood

I read this book in 2011 in second grade and now I am a high school graduate and I’ve been thinking about the book all these years I watched a movie with it so maybe you guys will know what it was because I remember everything from the movie it’s very very faint because it was like 11 years ago when I watch the movie but I will say every single thing remember I remember a girl got adopted by a lady with short-term memory loss and then she had to drive her car in one scene because I think she forgot how to drive and I remember one of the characters was named Steven and there is a scene where the little girl and her brother Steven were driving the truck and I believe they crashed and that’s why she got taken away from that foster home and got put in the foster home with the lady with the short term memory loss it’s a longshot I know but maybe somebody knows this movie and book it’s based off a book but they made a movie off of it too

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I saw a 2007 movie with Sissy Spacek a few years ago with a very similar plot titled Pictures of Hollis Woods. I checked Wiki and Amazon and confirmed that the movie was based on a popular novel for young people.

The movie is about a young girl who loves to draw. She is placed in foster care with a kind older artist Miss Cahill (played by Sissy Spacek) after running away from her previous foster family, the Regans. Miss Cahill and the girl have a very warm relationship, with the older artist encouraging the girl’s love of drawing. But Miss Cahill has Alzheimer’s, and her behavior becomes more and more erratic. The girl does her best to care for and hide the seriousness of Miss Cahill’s mental decline.

The movie is interspersed with flashbacks showing the girl with her previous foster family – the one she ran away from. She was very happy with them and especially close to their son Steven. Near the end of the movie, you finally see a flashback explaining why the girl ran away. (My memory is fuzzy on this, but I think she felt responsible for an accident that caused Steven to get hurt.)

At the end of the film, Miss Cahill’s health degenerates to a point where the girl can no longer hide the severity of her memory loss, and a social worker has to find new homes for both the girl and Miss Cahill. But the movie ended well for the young girl. She is returned to her previous foster family, the Regans, who harbor no ill-will toward the girl and who want to adopt her.

If it turns out this is the movie you are looking for, please no bounty is needed. I very rarely know the answer to the questions posted here, and it is fun to occasionally see a question I think I might be able to answer correctly.


Not sure, but it might be the movie called “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter”. It is based on a novel, check it out.