1980s/90s fantasy film, group on horseback falls through forest floor to underground cavern

I watched (at least part of) this movie as a kid. English language live action, likely 1990s but not later than 2000, fantasy film. I only remember one scene in detail - a group of people ride on horses through a forest when the forest floor swallows them up. I believe it was a mud/quicksand-type sucking-them-down-slowly situation, though it might have been more of a trap-gives-way fall. The group falls through into an underground cavern/chamber (many, if not all, of them survive the fall). (…It’s possible the group is not on horses when they are swallowed by the forest floor. I’m pretty sure they are riding horses at the start of the sequence, though.)

Not quite as certain about this part, but I think the survivors then encounter a being in the underground cavern (it’s possible the being is not actually in the cavern but communicates using a magic mirror or something similar?) who is now imprisoning them, with whom they may have to bargain to get out. The being may be an already-known antagonist.

This has bothered me for over twenty years so if this rings a bell for anyone I’d be very grateful (and excited to rewatch and see if it’s as scary as I remember).

Krull (1983)?

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I consulted with family and we don’t think this is it - pretty sure the movie was more straight fantasy or historical fantasy, no sci fi. Thanks for taking a swing though, I appreciate it!

Krull is much more fantasy than Sci Fi. But at the end you’re right, there is swamp but not a scene following your description. Krull (4/8) Movie CLIP - Battle in the Swamps (1983) HD - YouTube

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Is it Legend 1985? Horses (unicorns), mirror, forrest, etc.

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Oh, this is the first suggestion that seems like it might possibly be it! I’m not sure from watching the trailer but will check it out and report back. Thanks!

The entire movie takes place in two settings a magical forrest and a dark under world. The characters are humans, sprites, elves, goblins etc. Unicorns are the central focus of the plot and toward the end of the story they use a series of mirrors to reflect light into the underworld.

…Although the mud/quicksand/horse part you describe sounds remarkably like an iconic scene in:

Here is a little clip.