1980's Horror - Their Possessed Suburban Home's Electricity Going Crazy, Dad Cuts Down Electrical Pole With an Axe

I remember this being shown in 1989, probably about mid-way through is when I started watching it, and was curious about seeing it in its entirety. Here are some scenes that I recall:

  • It is night-time, a father and his son are trying to get out of a suburban house, where something has gone wrong with its electricity. Maybe the house is possessed, and is trying to kill its occupants.

  • At one point, a circular saw with a handle is running on its own in the same room as the dad; it manages to catch a loose screw that was sitting there there, and that screw is propelled fast, hitting the dad right in his forehead, knocking him down (blood flows from the wound, though he survives)

  • The father and son manage to get out of the house. The dad has an axe, walks out and cuts down telephone pole with an axe. As he does this, a cop pulls him, aims a gun, and yells him to stop immediately. The dad keeps swinging, and the electric pole falls down. Presumably taking away the source of the house’s power.

Ring a bell, anyone?

It’s definitely Pulse (1988), like other person said. 100%.

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It’s a great movie. One of my favorites.

Is it Pulse?


Thank you! You are correct!

In fact, the Pulse trailer has a clip of the scene with the saw: https://youtu.be/XAAxgBRPll8?

Much appreciated.

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