1990's low-budget psychological thriller

This movie came out in the mid-to late 1990’s I believe, probably straight to video. It starred relatively unknown actors, which is why I can’t remember their names.

Plot summary - I woman maybe in her mid-twenties with long wavy dark hair becomes involved with a young cop who introduces her to his brother. Around this same time, an older man with a beard begins stalking her. At one point, she goes to stay at another house, but on her answering machine leaves the phone number where she’ll be staying. The stalker goes to the library and looks up the address of this other house using a reverse directory. When he arrives at the house and sneaks in the window, though, she has set a trap for him. He slips and falls on some thumbtacks she’s scattered on the floor. She’s standing there and asks him if he thought she was some kind of idiot by leaving her new phone number on her answering machine.

Anyone have any idea what movie this is?