2000s TV Movie about female detective who has to rescue her partner

I saw this movie - possible a show - when I was around 10. It was on TV, and I cannot stop recalling it every now and then.

I don’t remember the early parts of it, but the climactic part includes the female protagonist having to go into a building to rescue her partner (and maybe lover) from the bad guys. I remember that he is a bit cavalier and even jokes his way through the situation. She is very serious - I remember her looking kind of like Hillary Swank. She and a team do end up getting to him, but he is so badly injured that we, the audience, and she are led to believe he dies in her arms - I maybe remember the room being filled with water as the overhead sprinklers may have gone off. We fast forward - I don’t remember if we see a funeral or not - and we see the protagonist riding a horse as symbolic of her healing and moving on. But then, a tactical van is seen, the sliding door opens, and we find her partner alive and watching her from a distance. One of the guys in the van asks him if he ever let her know, and he relies something. But what I remember, if the movie cuts back to the protagonist riding off? And I think it ends there?

Please help lol It’s been almost 20 years.

Conspiracy Theory (1997)?
It has Mel Gibson watching from a vehicle at the end (he supposedly was killed) while Julia Roberts rides a horse.

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Oh. My. Gosh.

You are absolutely right. I just watched the end to make sure, and it’s exactly what I remembered - down to the room being filled with water. Considering I wasn’t old enough to know who Julia Roberts and Mel Gibson were at the time, I must have been much younger than 10 and I’m totally questioning the adults who were there at the time LOL That’s a 20+ year mystery solved - this is a great feeling. Thank you.

You’re very welcome!