$25 Bounty: 1980s movie ; family drama

I’m trying to find the name of a movie from the 1980s. While I don’t remember many details, the few that I know, hopefully can jar someone’s memory. It’s a movie about a female actress. I remember in one scene, she tells her young daughter, that while she may kiss another man on stage, her father is the man she truly loves. At some point, the actress and her husband, separate. In the final scene in the movie, the girl, who was the young girl, is now a full grown woman, and is with her father as he dies, and she relays to him that no matter what happens that she knew her mother truly loved him.

Help is appreciated. I’ve been trying to find the name of this movie for years. I saw it as a young boy and never forgot it.


I wish that was it…… definitely the early 1980s…. Definitely not Streisand. But thank you!

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No, not a Chorus Line…. It’s a drama. Non-musical…. Thanks for trying!


Is it Terms of Endearment?

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Not 80’s, but could be this one…

The movie you are thinking of might be “A Chorus Line” (1985), directed by Richard Attenborough. The movie is about the audition process for a Broadway musical and the personal lives of the actors.

One of the main characters, Cassie, is a former lover of the director, Zach, and they discuss their past relationship in several scenes. In one scene, Cassie talks to her young daughter about how kissing another man on stage doesn’t mean anything, and that her father is the one she truly loves.

Later in the movie, after Zach and Cassie have reunited briefly, Cassie leaves the audition and goes to see her father, who is dying. The daughter, now grown up, is there with him, and they share a moment of reconciliation before he passes away. Cassie tells her daughter that she always loved her father, and they hold hands as they watch him die.

It’s possible that this is the movie you are thinking of, but without more details it’s hard to say for sure.