$30 Bounty: 1960s or 1970s UK Movie: Ending - man in kilt

Afternoon movie I watched in the early to mid 1970s from a US TV station, movie was in color. All I remember is there were 2 or 3 men, they were wearing grey blazer jackets, with an emblem. I think they were agents or investigators, might have been looking for ghosts or some crime. Was set in a castle I think, or large old house. I think it was set in Britain. It was a contemporary setting, modern city, there were cars, looked like 1960s or 70s for sure.

At the end of the movie, in a parking lot, they wanted to take a photograph of a man in a kilt, they asked him to walk backwards to they could take his picture, but secretly they had a man laying down to take a picture from below his kilt. Ending was supposed to be funny.

Thank you for responding. I saw the movie when I was very young, afternoon movie, year was probably 1973 - 1976. If you have any ideas, please let me know! Key scene was the end, where some of the characters took a picture in a parking lot of the Scotsman in a kilt. It was comedic relief to a suspenseful movie overall.

Maybe is an episode from The Persuaders!? The episode’s name is: The Old, the New, and the Deadly

Thanks for responding. The period is correct but the key, the one I remember from a kid, is there was a man in a kilt, the others in the story tried to play a joke on him, but asking to walk backwards and a man on the ground was laying there to take his picture (from below). It was a typical 1970’s movie, and this was comic relief to an mystery movie. I’ll look at the Persuaders on Youtube, maybe another episode had this scene?