$35 Bounty: Name of movie-1950's-G rated Disney family movie ranch/western type with death at very end

Hi There, looking for the name of the movie, or if anything the main actor.

Movie was “G” rated and maybe made in 50’s? it was COLOR movie.

Main actor probably late 50s when movie was made early 60 the latest for age.

It was in a way like a Disney movie (not cartoon) but like a “Swiss Family Robinson” type of show

2 hour move I am guessing. Yes, some funny things in it, but more of a LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE

Type of thought. Again “G” rated and made prob in 50s-60s. so, I saw this movie heck way back in the late 70s on tv

Don’t remember much BUT THE ENDING. Setting is kind of “RANCH” mountain montana/Wyoming setting. This late 50

Year old kind of ranch guy for some reason has been given a boy and I think?? A girl too. Kids were maybe 6th-8th grade age.

Lots of farm work, chores, NO MOTHER just those 3……the older guy in a way a bit too tough on the kids, but, “making a man”

Out of the boy, works him hard, and very detailed and stern, but half way though movie, the older guy always grabs is side, and

Has pain, and he knows in a way he is gong to die in a few months, so……….ya, work them harder to LEARN and he does that

Full force, almost in a way in the wilderness the boys ( and maybe sister) have to live on their own through the winter or something.

Last 30 min, he always gets bent over in pain, and just talks to God, and says, not yet, not yet just give me another week or two, so

I can get them ready………….now, this is maybe the helping part, the last 30 seconds of the movie, is a super bright sunny day out on a

Mountain prairie, you see NO people. And all you hear is a “clack/bang” about 8 times in the background, and the carmera then turns to

Area and it is the boys STACKING rocks size of basetballs on top of each other, (the burial) of the dead older guy/dad, that aint his dad

And then the movie ends. So, maybe someone knows the movie name, or actor? Very little house on the prairie, bonanza type of movie


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