70's end of the world last man on earth movie

I wonder if anyone can help me remember a film I saw late at night in TV in the mid 90’s

I would say its’ a 70’s movie, maybe early 80’s. I remember that was some sort of an apocalyptic zombie/virus movie that left one man on earth unaffected. It was set in America, I remember some sort of fight/attack in a town, and at the end, he finds a woman, I feel like they were in the desert or somewhere hot, and the film ends with them embracing and the camera zooming out, suggesting that they are the last people left on earth.

When I search for this sort of thing, it comes up as Omega Man with Charlton Heston, but I don’t it’s that movie after watching some of it.

Any suggestion would be amazing because it’s been bugging me for years!!!:grinning:

“The Last Man on Earth” (1964)?

The quiet earth?

Thank you for the suggestions, the film was in colour, so it wasn’t ‘the last man on earth’. I’m not sure a The Quiet Earth I’ll have to watch it. From what I can remember it seemed brighter and the ending was in full sunlight. Thank you for helping.

The nearest I can remember is Where Have All The People Gone? (1974)
with Peter Graves after a solar flare affected the American Southwest.