80s 0 90s police noir film

Please, the name of movie between the 80s and 90s and a little… Film noir…? of a policeman who borders on the law… There is a scene where the protagonist is with the girl who seems bad and before fucking she asks him: “with or without ?”; he tells her no and she removes her orthopedic leg. Very powerful scene that my adolescent memories integrate into what I considered a wonderful movie.
Thank you!

Thanks for your help but that’s not the movie. I remember it as a solid production with good actors… He looked like Gabriel Byrne or John Hurt according to my memory and she looked like Bridget Fonda but these are only vague memories and I have already reviewed their filmographies although maybe I should do it again. I think that scene is powerful enough for someone who saw it to remember the movie… Thanks again for your interest and effort in helping.

Romeo is Bleeding (1993)?

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Holy God! It must be that movie! I’m going to watch it although I take it for granted and mark it as solved! At my 43 years old, I have returned to watching forgotten films in my mind and some of them have not seemed to me that they had the emotional impact of the time, but I hope to enjoy Romeo Is Bleeding as I remember it. Thank you so much for your help!

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