80's movie that I can't remember the title

If you know the movie I’m talking about you will get it instantly.
It’s about 3 friends, a blonde girl that goes to participate in a model contest, and 2 guys that go there too to see another model they like.
They get jobs in the hotel where the contest takes places, but they also pretend to be rich people so they can score with the models there.

Another detail, one of these guys have luck with a russian model and has to deal with an old lady that cares her who knows kung fu.

I have found some like “screwball hotel”, but the details seem backwards in plot.

Hey, I’m afraid it’s not the one I’m looking for.
Thanks anyway!

can you remember anything else? you are sure it was a model contest? it was a “sex comedy”?

No, it’s not a sex movie.

I think the name of the girl was Lucille, but I’m not totally sure.

And as I mentioned, the guys have to get jobs in the hotel to pay for the stay, so they have a hard time switching between their jobs and what they pretend to be (movies producers).

I have been searching hard but no exact matches yet. Could it be later than 80s? was it in english? was there any nudity at all?

I’m sure it was an American movie, I watched it in my native language of course, by then there was not posibility to select subtitles.
If there was nudity it was something casual, it wasn’t a sex movie at all.
And about the date, I don’t really remember, perhaps it could be from the early 90s, but I’m not sure.

round trip to heaven?

Yes! Thank you very much!