80s movie with red-eyed human robots

It’s a sci-fi movie, probably tv production, and i just remember the following things:

  • an airplane disappers from radar for half an hour, but lands on destination airport without damage

  • the passengers seem to be okay, but later it came out, that they all have been replaced by robots

  • when the robots go to “kill mode”, they get red eyes

  • they have to stop for a few secs, when being asked questions

  • there’s no sci-fi action or something like that. Only CGI are the red eyes, when killing people

  • movie was from the 80s, maybe early 90s and scared me to death, when i was young

Thats all i know. Maybe someone can tell me the name, would love to watch that strange movie again. Thanks guys!

Sounds like Annihilator:

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