80s slasher film about a killer that cuts off women's breasts

This was an american film around the mid-late 80s. A killer is stalking a town, and the calling card is he cuts off the breasts of his female victims. I do remember at one point they think the killer has been caught. The msin girl, i think, is celebrating with her guy friend, and finds a pair of breasts hidden somewhere in his room/office, or somewhere. Abyways, a chase ensues after the twist. Hirl gets away, and the framed guy goes free.

Could be Sacrifice:

here’s a trailer:

Thanks, but thats not it. This movie definitely was in the 80s or early 90s.

new york ripper?

Thanks VHS. I thiught that was promising, but then i watched the trailer. The movie im thinking of looked like it was made later, probably early 1989-1993. There waant any mystery who the killer was for the viewer. The killer’s face is shown clearly at the 1st murder.