90s American TV mob action movie focused in kickboxing

I have been looking for a movie that I saw on TV many years ago. It was focused on kickboxing. The main character was a guy with long hair who drives a motorcycle (i guess he was a pro fighter or even a former kickboxing champ in the past).

At the beginning of the film, the hero meets an old buddie from his childhood and starts working for him (his old friend was a mob leader who owned a strip club alongside with a big mansion). At some point, he starts to fight in an underground tournament (something similar to “Shootfighter” but not so violent). For some reason, his old friend (and new boss) sends one of his most reliable girls to sleep with him (that happened after the fight but i can’t remember the reason of that). After the sex scene took place, the mob boss bursts into the room along with a bunch of hitman’s (I guess he found out that his friend was betraying him somehow). The hero also discovers that his love interest was secretly sent by his friend (besides the fact that she swers that she was genuinely in love with him).

I don’t remember the main reason, but I’m pretty sure that the movie ends with the two characters (the hero and the mob boss) fighting each other (in fact, through the all movie you can see a lot of flashbacks of both guys fighting when they were kids).

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Do you know if Jeff Speakman, Jerry Tremble or Lorenzo Lamas were the main good kickboxer/karate guy? Could even be Jeff Wincott or Sasha Mitchell, but long hair they usually don’t have.