90s USA film,young man of 20s get inside a videogame like normal real life, eating in a restaurant with a young blonde lady of 20s, he creates a pistol weapon with bones inside bowl of fish soup, shoot chinese waiter.Not CGI

This movie was filmed in the 90s, it’s an american film from USA. This movie allmost all the time don’t use CGI effects, but the script is really good, and the scenes looks beautiful, the scenes look like a professional cinema was done here with a medium budget.
It’s about a white young man of 20s years old in USA that can get inside a video game that is the same as common real life, maybe is a test that he has to pass many levels , in one level inside the game he begins appearing in a corridor that reachs a restaurant, he walks forward to get inside the restaurant , there are many people eating around , then he sits in a table with a young blonde woman with curly hair beautiful, he begins to eat his bowl of fish soup , then he sees a waiter that is chinese , his objective is to kill the waiter, then he began to take bones of his dish creating a weapon like a pistol , then he shoots with this pistol that uses bones bullets of this fish to killing the waiter. Later he appears in a street in the night , he get in a car and he begins to drive to scape from criminals that are looking for him.


“eXistenZ” (19999)

Quote from the below Wikipedia page of the movie:
“Pikul eats the unappetizing special, and constructs a pistol from the inedible parts. He impulsively threatens Geller, then shoots the Chinese waiter.