A 2000s high school bad boy good girl romance movie

In this movie a bad guy, trouble maker, skips class, smokes and drinks. Falls for either a good girl or the popular girl. Before school he hangs out across the street under a tree, where there is a couch and a few chairs and him and his friends smoke and drink here. The girl and guy go to the beach and he tells her how dolphins are the happiest animals because something in the water and sunlight. They hang out on the beach quite a lot. He meets her parents, a very well put together family, sweater type family, he tries to look nice for the dinner at their house. Him and his friends get caught swimming and drinking in the coaches pool during school, the coach freaks out. At the end of the movie the girl and guy go to a party, there is a keg outside, he gets into a fight over the girl. They kiss in the rain at the end. I think she might’ve been the new girl and just moved there. The movie was make anywhere between 2000-2013. Not a big popular movie. Used to be on AT&T demand for free. These are the only scenes I can remember from the movie, does anyone know the title of the movie?

getting that girl

fantastic movie that seems to come up quite a lot

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