A children's movie about some children in a school in which toys and playing with toys is forbidden

Hello there. I’m looking for a movie I watched on TV when I was a child. It’s about a school, named after some professor.
In the school the teachers and professors always tell the students that toys and playing and having fun is bad and you shouldn’t do them, etc…
3 or 4 of the children unite to find the truth and put an end to this.
After solving some puzzles, they go into some basement full of toys, which arises and becomes into some castle.
In the end they find out it isn’t the professor’s fault, but it’s the school president’s.

Some other random info I remember:

  1. There is also a student girl as some antagonist.
  2. In some point a rumor is spread that a diamond is hidden in a teddy bear. And they rip the teddy bears apart to find the diamond.
  3. There is a statue of the professor which the school was named after him in the schoolyard and it holds something in his hand which I think was the map of the diamond or the castle.

And that’s all.
Please tell me if you know the name of this movie and I’ll be forever grateful:)

Really sure it’s “Zip and Zap and the Marble gang” 2013

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