A family get in a bunker after a ficticous nuclear war in USA. At the end they transform much stronger

This family passed like 3 years inside the bunker in USA after a nuclear war. . They look like.normal american people. At the end they have strange powers because they get out the bunker and a group of soldiers point their guns to them. And the daugther began to transform and their nails grew and she change their skin a more blue and get too much stronger and break the web that this soldier put on them. His mom and dad also was trapped under this net. The daugther brake the net and atack the soldier, they scape and reach a seweer system that there were other people with this inmense strong force . They look like normal people , but they know that they have the same hability to transform in this strong human bluish. Because the nuclear war gave mutant powers to some of the poupulation.This is a movie of the 2000s or 2010s

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