A girl named Lyla with magic and two worlds

I think it was on Amazon Prime or Hulu. It was about a girl, possibly named Lyla. The girl lives in a weird world and supposedly has some magic. Some dust is related to magic. The girl’s father disappears, and I think she begins a quest to find something. The people in the movie have companion animals.
I can also remember that the kids in the show went missing, and Billy (one of the kids) was abducted and found. There’s also a polar bear that people thought was brutal but was befriended by the girl.
There is also another world, which looks like our current world, where there is a mother who’s psychotic and a young boy who I think has something related to the girl from the other world. There is an (evil) black man who observes them but is from the other world and yields a snake as a companion animal.


Just a guess, maybe?:
“The Golden Compass” (2007)

There is alternate Earth, quest, dust, animal companion, girl named Lyra, an ice bear, snake in the movie.


I found itt. It’s His Dark Materials