A girl try open the seals of other dimension in order to find her mother (Group of naked bodies outside a mine)

Tv series, produced in range between 2019 : 2022. hope help me find the name

story outline:
1- A small town
2- A family consisting of a husband’s mother and two teenage daughters
3- One day, the mother and husband suddenly disappear
4- The police find a group of naked bodies outside an old closed mine
5- There is a camera outside the mine, which recorded the entry of people with the mother, and then people exit naked, and they were dead(can not breath). While the mother never came out.
6- In the past, the mother and father used to belong to a group that believed in the existence of another dimension (a safer dimension - health and youth forever) and they were trying to reach it. The mother and father ran away from the group and got married, but they found them again.
7- The youngest daughter find she like her mother (can also open the way to the other dimension, after going through a series of operations.)
8- A creature (demon) from the other dimension is there to guide them. Lives inside and controls the chosen one (enters women after they spread their legs apart).
9- The girl discovers that the other dimension is not salvation (heaven), but rather a demonic dimension trying to invade our world
10- The last scene in the last episode of the first part, the girl opens the demonic dimension and allows the darkness to escape

Feria: The Darkest Light (2022).

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