A group of teenagers (~3 maybe?) are stuck in a forest and one of them gets stuck in a bear trap and cannot get out

I remember this movie was weird - looked indie, but not sure - where a group of teenagers (I don’t recall there were any adults or even women) are a forest and they’re trying to get out, but it keeps getting worse for them. At one point one of the character’s foot gets trapped in a bear trap and he can’t get it out. I think (not sure) he is left to die.

Another thing I am not sure of, they might have been on a camping trip and at the end they call for help, but one of the characters had already died.

I’ve been trying to find that movie for 3 days now. I’m starting to lose hope :frowning:

Possible Countrycide (2017) with Robin Hodge, Joel Elliott, and Peter Whittaker.

Is it tucker and Dale vs evil?