A guy visits the family of his fiancée for the 1st time and they take him hostage and test him how he would behave during each major holiday

“Okay lol I watched a movie a couple of years ago and I could’ve sworn the name was “home sweet home” but it’s not. Anyways it starts of with a woman (with a kid or 2 )having breakfast with a man she’s dating. And she’s discussing him coming over to her parents house for them to meet. So when they get to the parent’s house, they end up chaining him to the floor and keeping him there. They only kept him for a few days(about a week or 2), in which they did all the holidays to see if he was “father/husband” material. They did Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, thanksgiving , Christmas, and new year’s. On the New Year’s Day, they decided whether he should live or die. Also in one scene : in the middle of the night , the little daughter wakes up and goes to where the man is chained and shows him a box with pictures of men that have gone through the same thing .”


love sick love

Oh, thank you!
This was pissing me off, because it’s such a unique plot, it shouldn’t be hard to find, yet it is.
Thanks for unearthing this bastard. :slight_smile: