A highschool parody movie with gross out humor

Hi, I’m looking for a movie that takes place in high school and has a lot of gross out jokes. The movie starts with a girl waking up and starts singing Disney style, calling out animals from her window to help her clean her room, but chaos ensues (I think a broom falls on her head and she gets attacked by rats). Then I guess after that she goes to school where she meets a black classmate who was once pregnant and gave birth in a nightclub while dancing and spinning on her belly, and she now keeps the baby in her locker and sometimes walk around with it in her bag. There is also a scene with a gross out joke where the girl records while screaming at what seems to be a homeless man eating what seems to be an expired burger only to vomit it afterwords. There is also a black male ballerina who wears a female tutu and jumps on the girl multiple times as she lies on the ground in order to teacher her how to dance, I guess. Also, the girl meets a boy who might be her love interest. I saw this movie in 2016 thought I must have seen a clip of it years before like 2013-2014. Somehow I keep mistaking the actress who plays the main character as Anna Kendrick, yet it’s not on her actor bio. If any of this rings a bell, please let me know.

All the scenes that you mentioned.

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