A horror movie from my childhood. Please help!

I want you to tell me the name of a movie whose name I can’t remember. This movie is not a very new movie, it is an old movie. This movie is a horror movie. This movie was Christmas or New Year’s themed or set on New Year’s Eve. Our character, the murderer, was born a jaundiced baby, so his mother didn’t like him and didn’t want him. Only his father loved him. The mother later fell in love with another man and they killed the murderer’s father together. The boy began to live in the basement. This woman became pregnant and gave birth to a new child. There was a scene in the movie where the murderer cooks his brother in the oven and eats it. The killer was trying to kill the people who came to this house years later. At the end of the movie, a female character was killing the killer with the help of a defibrillator. What is the name of this movie?

black christmas

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