A magical dagger with a wavy blade is found in Egypt. A woman's spirit was imprisoned in it a long time ago and the artifact ends up in the hands of two bumbling young adult guys

Genre: Comedy.

Release date: 1980-1999, it was available on VHS.

At the beginning, the dagger somehow falls into a crate full of cheap daggers that look similar to it. Then the cargo is taken to a curiosity shop.

There we meet the two protagonists who are buying a universal remote control (it turns out to be a dud) but they also pick up the real dagger as an impulse buy.

Soon the spirit of the woman manifests for them but I don’t know what kind of deal they make.

She teaches them how to move objects with their minds.

Near the end, the guys save the woman from being sacrificed (I guess she became corporeal) by a sect.

Erkan & Stefan gegen die Mächte der Finsternis

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