A man and woman killed an Indian cashier

I forgot the movie title and the actor/actress name but i remember the scene where there was two person (a male and female) go to mini shop and wanted to buy something, when they wanted to pay to the Indian-like Cashier, the Cashier cannot accepted their payment because something(i forgot) and then the female one said to the male one “just give her the fking money” but then the female started to shoot the Cashier , they started to disguise as the Cashier and then there was a police officer coming to the mini-shop , before the police officer wanted to leave , he Saw some bloods on the floor.

Only that scene i could remember, i Saw that on yt short and i wish i could find it again because that scene was epic

Possibly, Natural Born Killers?

No, i"m pretty sure the movie came out like between 2000 - 2010.
Also, Natural Born Killers doesn’t have the scene where they killed the Indian-like cashier at the mini shop

haven’t seen it myself, but “jimmy and judy” was in same ilk as NBK

Nope, Jimmy and Judy was just like a teengar , while the character movie i was talking about probably has grown up, the female one had a horsetail style hair and both of them probably seems like a mafia.