A movie about a computer game in reality (90s or 00s)

Two guys get into a computer game in reality. The main prize is a girl in a leopard print. At the end of the film, they argue over who will sleep with her, but she falls asleep on a waterbed.

P.S. I couldn’t get over the whole movie. Help me please

I’m assuming it’s not Weird Science, right?

Which game (or what type of game) were they playing?

The game took place in some building, these two guys moved in an elevator. Inside the elevator was “Level 1”, going up - “Level 2”

what did they do in the game? they were pulled into the computer into the actual game? was it a comedy? in english? any nudity?

Possibly any of these: Movies That Take Place Inside a Computer or Video Game


i have been thinking that scene of the girl on waterbed may have come from a film called “hot bot” …any chance you may be mixing multiple movies?