A movie about a guy that want a baby and therefor his wife is sick, he starts a relation with another woman

More than 15
Years ago (early 2000s, I think) I watched a scene in a movie where a woman is secretly in love with a man who is married to a woman but does not have any child because his wife was sick. One day, she wakes up and is now his wife and the mother of his child (daughter); the second woman born her baby girl and sold to to baby’s father because she needs money to help her father.

Everybody in a rich man’s house thinks this baby is a homeless baby and acts like it’s not a normal girl and she was too rude and vild, but the father loves his daughter and the daughter loves only the father. her life used to be different.
I also remember that the main character was secretly in love with this man because she was a his daughter’s mother. She was like a spinster and secretly envied her friend for being married to him after his first wife died.

In the last scene of movie I remember, she wakes up, goes downstairs, and finds her babysitter in the kitchen, who greets her affectionately. She asks her something like “you were not married to my dad?” Then she realizes that she is her mom not her babysitter!


I don’t know if this is the one you are looking for but it has a very similar plot.