A movie about a single girl

Hi everyone. I am looking for a film. Here’s what I remember:

  1. It is a film about a single girl who watches another loving couple.
  2. There was a scene where the girl rub snow from the fridge on her arms. Then she stands up and close the fridge with a foot.
  3. There was also a scene where the girl lays on bed and looks at a picture (looks like a sketch, or made by a child).
  4. There is also a scene where the girl (protagonist) stops her friend who comes into an ocean to her boyfriend. This scene is at beach during the night and it is lighted by the car and the nearby lighthouse (if I remember correctly).
    It seems to be a modern film, and it looked like a horror or a drama. I would be extremely grateful for any suggestions and ideas.

i apologize, your post seems cut off and your relaying information did not post