A movie about Airships and Cadets

I think in the movie is a scientist which recruits a young boy who lost his home and probably family as well (to a fire?). This young boy advances to the rank of a cadet in the movie. The scientist’s daughter gets kidnapped by the evil airship (which is controlled by itself like an AI and not by a person if I remember correctly). The plot twist in the movie is that the boy finds out that the evil airship was build by the scientist himself.
Also, I remember a scene where the recruits board a pirate ship and loot for supplies.

Many thanks in advance for any clues!

There’s airships in Anime (e.g. Castle in the Sky, Last Exile), but I don’t remember any with AI.

In the Terry Pratchett’s book series Long War there’s airships with AI, but these haven’t been made to film yet. Also, the AI is not evil.

So… Aero-Troopers?

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