A movie from my childhood

So when I was younger I owned a lot of movies, but there is one movie I can’t seem to remember no matter how hard I try. I look for it but nothing comes up even tho I type the premise and plot of the movie

I’m starting the think the film got banned but I don’t know. The film was like a soutpark skit gone off the rails, it was about two Canadians who lived in a very cold small town. The movie began with these two brothers traveling through there town on a sled as they pass by people and one gets eaten by a polar bear. They go to a diner for coffee as they see the girl they like and discuss what they do to her. Once home they complain that it’s too dam cold so the smart one (I believe he was wearing a green shirt) makes a invention in the shed and the next day the slacker of the the two (red shirt) comes to see the guy made a giant stove top and when turned on heats the region (there is also a gag that it makes amazing waffles) after which it’s a scene depicting the snow melting and everyone enjoying the heat and the polar bear from before relaxes and drinks a cola. A few scenes later the president steals the Invention and is gonna use it to heat all of America but doing so would basically explode the earth. Are mc try to stop him but it’s to late. He flips the switch makeing the electricity run through death row inmates the. The world goes up in flames. Are heroes go to a temple then beat up a guy where there is a bit mentioning taqwuandouche. They stop there past selves from makeing the invention by basically just killing there past selves (specifically with a hockey stick)

chilly beach : the world is hot enough