A movie from the 80's about a man who receives a list of numbers and must find out what they mean

A movie probably from the late 80’s. I remember 3 scenes. 1. A man receives a phone call and the person tells him to write down a list of number in a row, i think they were about 20 digits. He does not tell them what these numbers mean and hangs up 2. This man stands on a corner sidewalk and a paper delivery truck throws a bunch of newspapers in front of him. He gets very angry and kicks the newspapers all over the sidewalk. Then a paperboy on a bike shows up to pick up his newspapers and the man is very embarrassed and helps the paperboy pick up the newspapers he had kicked. 3. The man lies in bed and is looking at a digital alarm clock. He starts to think about these numbers he had written down and starts to see what they mean (date, time, location). I can’t remember if this person was running away from somebody or trying to find somebody and the key to that was those 20 digit numbers he had.

Hi. I’m not sure if this is the one you’re looking for. But it has similarities because of breaking codes or something like that.