A movie I cannot remember the title of

Need help remembering a movie… Question I don’t remember the year but it was about this married couple who were trying to have a baby and the wife kept nagging the husband, “If you can remember to brush your teeth you can remember to put your toothbrush away” stuff like that. They argue all through the movie also the wife is accusing the husband of flirting with the waitress and it ends with the wife cleaning the house barefooted waiting for the doctor to call saying if she’s pregnant or not. I can’t remember the title. It was on Tubi TV. Any help?

No, none of those. Thanks, please keep up the suggestions. It was like a horror/ psychological thriller. It used to be on Tubitv.

That’s not it, sorry. Please keep the guesses coming…

I have not seen this one, so this is just a suggestion, maybe?:
"Private Life (2018)

Two other suggestions, these are also just wild guesses:
“A Smile Like Yours” (1997)

“2 Years of Love” (2017)

This one is about a married couple who want to have a baby, and there is a waitress who is flirting with the husband, but according to the plot description on the Wikipedia page of the movie, it does not end at all as you described:
“Hush” (2005) (TV movie)

No that is not the movie. It was one of those obscure movies with a one- word title with actors I never heard of before. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to find.