A movie I have been trying to identify for 20 years

Hi, around 2003 I watched a movie on TV and loved it. Later I looked for its name everywhere but could not find it. I tried IMDB, some other forums, whatismymovie, and even ChatGPT to no avail. I hope someone here can help me otherwise I will seriously think that I was hallucinating :slight_smile:

So here goes the plot (spoilers included):

A young man (the main character) graduates from the college and starts to live in a big city on his own. One day he loses all his IDs. When he tries to go back to his apartment, his keys don’t work, and no one in the building recognizes him. Suddenly, a stranger on the street gives him a briefcase containing IDs with his picture but a different name. Inside, he also finds keys and an address. He goes to the address and uses the keys to enter an apartment. Inside, a friendly blonde girl greets him using the name on the new IDs. Little does he know, he has stumbled into a dangerous plan organized by American intelligence to kill a visiting Russian official. As the story unfolds, the young man tries to escape from the scheme, and eventually, he succeeds. In the end, he and the girl escape on a boat, leaving the United States behind and starting a new life together.

By the way, I clearly remember a scene with the Russian (not Soviet) flag, so the movie cannot have been shot before the 1990s.

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was the main guy richard greico?

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can you remember what the main characters looked like? i have found some movies but none that had a college age kid that ended like yours. “license to kill” and “gotcha!” are the closest things to your specific description…unless the year you saw it is off? any other specific scense you remember? nudity?

There was no nudity but as I watched it on TV it might have been censored. Unfortunately I don’t remember anything else from the movie

it was not license to kill or gotcha, right?
are we sure it was an assassination attempt and the kid graduated college? could the year be off where the answer might be “cat’s run”?

No, none of these, thanks for the effort though

dug some more…

even ends on a boat

was it cypher by chance? i am still digging further…“blind horizon” with val kilmer seems interesting but doesn’t end on boat. “zero effect” from 1998 seems close-ish too

Wow, thanks for the further effort. Alas none of them is the one. They all look promising though, added to my watchlist :slight_smile: