A movie I’ve been looking for for a really long time

I remember only a few things. It’s set in a modern time. One scene is the character in a cemetery, they look at the headstones and see that they died every year on the same day. The other scene I remember is the character in a village or town square. A group of people are around. Each person has a stone. I believe they are going to stone someone.
Possible ritual or such kind of thing.
Saw it on tv when I was younger. I’ve checked every movie finder site for years and no one knows what I’m talking about. Please help!!!

Possibly a film adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s story The Lottery

Anthony Spinner’s feature-length TV film The Lottery , which premiered September 29, 1996, on NBC, expands upon the original Shirley Jackson story. It was nominated for a 1997 Saturn Award for Best Single Genre Television Presentation.

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