A movie I watched a couple of years ago, that was removed from netflix

Hi, this might be hard because I don’t remember much about this movie but it used to be on netflix a couple of years ago.
I remember the movie being located in a somewhat tropical area, with lots of mountains and very tall trees.
The main character was a poor boy, who has been looked after by a foreign doctor and is being trained in medicine by him. He runs through the village to get materials for the doctor and help treat patients.
Throughout this time, he fell in love with the daughter of a rich family who moved there to profit from mining (i think). She sprained her ankle and needed to be treated, and while treating her they gradually got closer.
However she had an arranged marriage to another doctor who is not accepting of the villages ways and has a daughter her age. To stop her from getting married, the boy raced the doctor’s car through the village to get to the wedding first.

The movie ends showing their future together after she ran from the arranged marriage


what language is the movie in?