A movie name in which a doctor, goes to africa to work in a hospital

Please tell me the name of a movie in which" a dedicated doctor embarks on a journey to Africa to serve at a local hospital. While there, he encounters a deeply distressing situation when he treats a man who committed a heinous crime of assault against a young girl. The doctor is faced with a moral dilemma as the local community expresses their discontentment with his decision to help the perpetrator.

However, driven by his sense of duty and the belief in the power of healing, the doctor decides to confront the delicate situation. When he visits the girl, the rapist confronts him with derogatory remarks, using offensive language to provoke the doctor’s anger. Overwhelmed by his emotions, the doctor decides not to take matters into his own hands, instead leaving the situation to the locals who are affected by the rapist’s actions.

The outraged community takes matters into their own hands and begins to reprimand the rapist through a display of unified action. They express their anger and frustration by firmly dealing with the rapist, delivering their own form of justice.


Is it The Last Face? THE LAST FACE - Festival de Cannes