A movie starring Danny Glover where his wife cheats on him with a white man

What I remember of this film is that I think it was an anthology of different stories focused on race relations

In one of the stories, Danny Glover plays a man who heads into town looking for work or trade or some such. He leaves his wife behind for the day and a white guy peddling different wares shows up trying to sell her something. The guy and the wife hit it off and end up making love and he leaves her either a record player or a radio. Danny Glover returns and inquires on the record player and the wife can’t give him a suitable answer and he becomes infuriated.

Thats all I remember. I feel like it may have been an HBO or Showtime movie but can’t find it searching under Danny Glover’s filmography

According to the first review, it’s the first of the three stories in America’s Dream, called Long Black Song:

Here’s the whole thing:

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