A movie that I watched a while ago and vaguely remember

This movie is about this skinny white geeky guy with a big adam’s apple I’m pretty sure but can’t find the actor. He has a crush on this girl and wants to get better at sex and then I forget what happens but he wishes for it and it starts working. Random girls feel some random need to have sex with him even though they have no idea why and can’t resist it. I remember one tells him to use his knees more and another was a retail worker and they end up doing it in the dressing room where she worked. The girl he had a crush on then has the same urge and she turns out to be a recovered nymph I’m pretty sure and she doesn’t understand why she feels the urge. It’s driving me crazy I can’t find it for some reason. Thanks.

this has a possibilty of being several movies…let me start with these 4:

chick magnet


pretty cool

pretty cool too

“skinny, white… big adam’s apple” reminds me of DJ Qualls. The New Guy (2002)?

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