A movie where a misbehaving girl gets sent to a strict school

The movie can’t be very old, surely from the 2010-20’s.
There is a high school age girl whose school is not going very well.
The principal recommends a strict school somewhere further away to the girl’s parents and they agree sending the girl there, despite the girl not really wanting to go there. The school is very strict. A black woman, if I remember correctly, is kind of in the lead there. People can gain things like a phone call to home by behaving well. It is, of course, monitored, not wanting outsiders to know about the strictness.
I can’t remember how the movie continues, maybe I haven’t even seen it fully.

Yes, unfortunately it’s not The Woods or Wild Child. Now that I think, qualitywise it looked way better than this, I’m sure it’s not older than a couple of years.