A movie which I forgot where a clown kills a woman

A movie which I watched a few years ago came back into my mind a few days ago. The only part of the movie I remember is where a woman enters a house to find something. There, she finds something that looks like a clown, but it isn’t moving, so she thinks that it is some type of mannequin and ignores it. She can’t find the object she is looking for so she goes back up out of the basement and calls the owner of the house, to tell him that she couldn’t find anything there except for a weird clown mannequin. He immediately tells her that it isn’t a mannequin and to get out of the house immediately. As soon as he says that, the camera stops loses focus on her, and instead, focuses on the clown which is now standing at the end of the corridor, looking at her. A few minutes later in the movie, we are told that her dead body is found, which I think was in the format of a news program. That’s the only thing I remember

An additional piece of information is that I watched the movie somewhere between 2012-2020.

Please do help me find it!

That sounds like the movie Amusement (2008)

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