A possessed granny that attacks with scissors

In the begginning of the movie there is a family that is about to visit an old woman (I can’t remember if she was the protagonist’s grandmother or mother), the old woman gets possessed and in the climax she tries to kill someone with scissors, this is one of those movies that makes you think that the threat is gone and then the protagonist is in danger again.
The old woman had her hair long to her neck, her eyes starts to turn darker as she gets more possessed and had dark blood (maybe those details were attribute to my old tv contrast rather than the movie itself), I think she cut herself at some moment.
There are some details I’m not sure about like if there was a little girl that took care of her grandmother at the begginning of the movie, or if there has been a short time since the old woman’s husband passed away and this was the reason because of what the family was visiting her (or moving with her?) at first place.

Have you considered The Visit (2015)?