A research outpost, working on a distant planet has ceased to communicate with the outside world and a rescue team gets dispatched to check on them

There are shows (Star Trek, The Outer Limits) with episodes similar to the plot I’ve described but I’m looking for a movie.

It’s not:
The Time Travelers* (1964).
Journey to the Center of Time (1967).

Release date: 1970-1990.
Genre: Sci-fi.

When the team arrives, it appears that everyone at the research stations is dead and frozen but later they find out that they’re alive and moving, but at a very slow rate.
Inanimiate objects are affected by the mysterious circumstances as well, e.g. water can’t be poured out of a pitcher.

They find a car which doesn’t appear to be in a parked state and when they open the hood, they notice a cooling fan is very slowly rotating inside.

They try to communicate with the scientists but it takes them hours to scribble down a couple of words.

I found these three options on Wikipedia.

Fobidden World (1982); Galaxy of Terror (1981); Dead Space (1991).